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What Do You Mean By A High-Risk Work License?

High-Risk Work License

A type of license that is issued to those people who have proven skills in doing a particular of work labeled as hazardous work is referred to as a high risk work license. For this, they should have received the adequate training and have been assessed after completion. According to http://www.saferight.com.au/high-risk-licence-courses.html released before one gets a High Risk Work License, he should at least be eighteen years. This license is valued for around five years and is only issued when various checks and age have been verified as stated on worksafe.qld.gov.au.

The above-mentioned license allows the licensee to work all over Australia. It is just like a driver’s license where every detail has to be checked that all is in order, as at the time of expiry of the license there will be a reminder. After the expiry of the license, one must not proceed with the work until and unless it is renewed. A high risk license is required for the following jobs:

· The scaffolding of all levels i.e. basic and intermediate as well as advanced.
· Rigging work like dogging, again at all levels.
· Hoist operation and crane operation like tower, derrick, self-erecting tower, non-slewing mobile, portal boom, slewing, bridge and gantry, materials hoist vehicle loading and others.
· Forklift operation in case of forklift trucks and forklift trucks for order picking.
· Operations of pressure equipment in all three levels like turbine operation, boiler operation and steam-engine operation that is reciprocating.

The regulations pertaining to hazardous work allow the trainees to do work, involved with high risk, under the supervision of a person who already holds a high risk work license. He receives his training for the work in his domain, under a timetable so that he can achieve the set standards for an adequate assessment. His skills and competencies will be judged and then only he will be issued a license to perform work involving high risk. People who do not hold this license or did not undergo the proper training will not be able to do any work which involves high risk, even under the supervision of a person who holds the license.

How To Obtain A High Risk Work License?
Before one receives a permit, allowing him or her to do work involving danger, he has to receive training from a Registered Training Organization. He is to be also assessed by a WorkSafe Registered Assessor who is affiliated with those registered organisations. After the training and the assessment is finished, the Registered Training organisation will guide how to proceed to complete the application for the license. The application should be completed within 60 days of the date when the work was assessed.

How To Replace A Lost, Stolen Or Damaged License?
To replace a lost, stolen or damaged license one must complete an application form and submit the completed form after confirming his identity and paying the replacement license fee. There are two types of identity documents, one is the primary identification and the other is secondary identification. Both of these are required.


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