February 9

How To Handle STDs In Men


There are various STDs, and the common types are Chlamydia, gonorrhea and genital herpes. In general STDs in men don’t cause any symptoms or signs and can be diagnosed through Anonymous std testing. If you are concerned about getting yourself tested, then you can read through the STD testing procedures in http://plannedparenthood.org/ to clear off your fear.

When the symptoms start to show up, it can be either genital lesions or symptoms that would affect your entire symptom like HIV. Bacteria, virus, and parasites can cause STD in men. The STD’s that are caused by bacteria can be easily cured with the help of antibiotics. Few STDs like HIV lasts a lifetime and can never be cured.

If STDs are diagnosed at an early stage, then necessary counseling can be given at an early stage to avoid any infections which can be transmitted to others. There is also a virus named Zika which gets transmitted through sexual contact.

Sexually transmitted diseases are also called as sexually transmitted infections which spread through sexual contact. The STDs can be spread through either sexual contact or skin to the skin contact. Some of the STDs can be cured with antibiotics while others are not curable. Some of the STIs show signs early on while others don’t show any symptoms at all and gets easily spread without the knowledge of the infected person.

Though there is no clear cut answer on who will get infected with STD, people who are indulged in sexual activity are at a higher risk of STDs. The only way to prevent the risk of STD is refraining you from sexual activity. Though there is no method to prevent STDs completely, latex condoms prevent the chance of STDs to a greater extent even though you have sexual contact with the infected person.
The U.S Center for Disease and Prevention have estimated that 20 million STD infections can happen every year. The age range of the newly infected people is between 15 to 24. Young men and women get affected in equal proportions. As stated by CDC, gay sex, bisexual or sex with men at a higher risk for getting infected with STDs. Approximately 50% of HIV infections happen through MSM. STDs can happen for various reasons and various types of microorganisms like virus and parasites.

Some of the sexually transmitted viral infections are HPV, HIV, HSV and human herpesvirus-8. Examples of sexually transmitted bacterial infections include gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Parasitic bugs like lice can also be transmitted through skin contact and sexual activity. An example of parasitic infection is Trichomonas.

Apart from the skin and sexual contact virus like Zika can spread through infected mosquito.
There are three groups of STDs. STDs can lead to genital lesions like soreness in genital areas. STDs can also lead to swelling of the urethra. Apart from these symptoms, it can affect the entire body. STDs that cause local lesions are gonorrhea and syphilis which can damage your entire body if not treated regularly.

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