October 15

Maxi Dresses For Different Figures


Maxis are being widely accepted by women of all ages. They are definitely an asset to your collections regardless of the season. Over the years, they have been simply changing its form without ever getting away from the market. Maxis create a feel of summer in every mind, but no longer are they limited as summer wears alone. Women started to find it’s never ending uses on every occasion irrespective of its shape and size. The conversion of maxi dresses to different models is the trendsetters among the ladies now. It has become the iconic attire of every woman, from one who longs to spend a beach holiday, to those attending a wedding at night. The UK sales market for example showed a hike in sales after selling most of these clothes at a discounted rate. To know more about the recent retail trends of UK, check http://www.bbc.com/news/business-35119827

Maxis up scaled the attire of women and made them their prestige symbol now. Every wardrobe today are now filled at least with a pair of maxis, and a beautiful hat, remembering the days of Princess Diana of the 90’s. Maxi creates a visual impact on whatever season you adopt to wear that. The right choice of maxi that blends with your shape is necessary before buying it. A figure fit maxi, with beautiful prints will be the style factor that women adopt after seeing you.

Style it with Shape
If you have a petite figure, the main goal is to avoid looking like a tent. Short stature does not merge with long oufits; in fact it can make the opposite effect to your size. It doesn’t, mean that you should completely avoid maxis. Just apply some tricks while choosing one. Choose something that fits with your body figure, specifically at the hips and thighs. But never down at the bust. Another tip is to elongate your figure with a V neck. This shows off more skin. That means, for those plus size ladies who are short, this gels together forming a taller outlook and a lean shape too. The V-neck attracts the eye creating a streamlined effect throughout.

Pear-shaped body owners are always advised to widen their chest area and shoulders with their dresses. This is because, the already long flowy material balances out the proportions if you are short. Add some extra height using heels. Pumps or wedges or high heeled sandals with a maxi will do good to your appearance even though you are short. A short woman can go for solid colours and large prints. Dark colours like black, brown or a green makes you look taller. Colours of your skin tone equally play the role in elongating the features. Avoid crowded patterns- It’s always good if you choose medium scale prints.

Stay away from ill-fit maxis as it may hang from your bust and make you look larger you actually are. The maxi dress is compromised for pear body type but if not dealt properly, it may turn down the scene. Refrain from gathers, ruffles and pleats towards the bottom half of your dress. Keep all the detailing to the top half.

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