May 22

Air France Airline- Travel With Your Pets

 Air France Airline- Travel With Your Pets Air France is the most preferred airline option of most of the people. It is the subsidiary of Air France KLM group and this airline is headquartered at Tremblay-en –France. Air France offers around 300 aircrafts to nearly 200 destinations across the globe. It provides you a comfortable journey and gives high-end services. The main reason for preferring this aircraft is it allows you to carry your pets onboard. If you are a pet lover, you can take your pets along with you when you travel.

Air France is an airline provider in France and most of the flights start from and reach France. Get Air France contact number online to enquire about their policy to carry your pet animal along with you in your travel and also the different packages available for complete flight ticket booking.

It is difficult to leave your pets at home when you are travelling away from home. It becomes too difficult when your entire family members are planning for a holiday trip and if there is no one in your family to take care of your pet. In this type of situations, you must look for the options to take your pet along with you. You must research for a suitable airline for your need and collect all the details about the airline.

You must read what are the documents required to submit when carrying pets along with you, rules and regulations of the airline and then plan your holiday trip. You must also be aware that certain countries will not allow pets to travel and you must ensure this when booking your ticket. If your destination country permits to take the pet along with you on your travel, you must read the guidelines of carrying pets and confirm the same with the booking authority.

You must also have clear knowledge of the items to be passed through cabin and the items that can be moved through freight. It is best to check with your travel agents about all the details when carrying your pet to your travel destination. Travel agents explain you the rules and regulations and guidelines practiced in the particular country that you have decided to travel to.

Air France has issued the set of common guidelines for carrying pets in their airline. You can take a pet that has completed minimum ten weeks of age and all the vaccines given. Cats and dogs that are travelling with you should be the in the weight ranging from 6 kg to 75 kg and if it is not in the specified range, allowance for your pets will be cancelled. Based on the travel routes you have chosen, the number of pets that you can take along with you is limited but the default number is three.

You must be present in the airport three hours before your departing time for completion of your boarding process for intercontinental flight. This ensures peaceful and comfortable travelling. When booking your tickets, you can also ensure the options for booking accommodation with your flight tickets when planning for a longer trip.

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